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Per La Mente

Per La Mente was the editorial branch of Fernet-Branca’d brand marketing strategy. The site was launched to cover arts and culture and later transitioned to covering more food and drink focuses content before shutting down toward the end of 2018. During that time, I wrote several pieces covering topics like sonic sculptures and immersive dining. …

Output Inc

For the launch of their instrument plugin package, Arcade, I was hired by Output to write descriptions for over a hundred instrument/sound kits. The descriptions appear in the product and tell users not only what kinds of instruments might be used, but what kind of mood and tone each kit can convey.


MUTEK San Francisco (MUTEK.SF) is the American edition of famed Canadian media, arts, and technology festival MUTEK. As the Editorial Lead, I drafted program content for press releases, programs, newsletters, and social media channels. Additionally, I edited and supervised a number of internal communications and helped to lias with external communication and digital partners. Alongside …